Organisations & Conferences

wellfounded-logo Well Founded is a company started by HAES UK founder Lucy Aphramor. It runs an assortment of HAES courses, activities and training in the UK; see their current list of events for more details.

asdah-logo ASDAH (Association for Size Diversity and Health) is a US-based professional organisation with members who promote HAES principles. They run an annual conference.

haes-community-logo HAES Community Resources is a site for people interested in HAES, and includes a registry of HAES practitioners and many resources.


Fit Fatties Forum provides a safe and comfortable space for all people wishing to discuss fitness from a HAES perspective.

The Weight Stigma series of inter-disciplinary conferences brings together people from a range of backgrounds and approaches with regards to weight (including some HAES practitioners):

The Critical Dietetics movement includes a HAES-positive approach to dietetics. As well as the Journal of Critical Dietetics, they run a series of conferences:


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